Monday, November 30, 2009

Emerald Society News

Emerald Brothers and Sisters,

Item 1. Our Emerald Society Christmas Holiday Party is graciously being hosted by the Waltons again this year on 12/19 at their home in Long Beach! Many of you have attended over the years and you know how the Walton home is just magically filled with Christmas spirit, cheer and wonderful music! The details of the location and time can be had by contacting Scott at: This is a pot luck so if you would like to bring something home made or not it would be most appreciated. This is a great time to share the spirit of the season and remember, your family and friends are welcome! Thank you to Jennifer and Scott!

Item 2. The Los Angeles Police Emerald Society, in an effort to improve communication and advance into the technological information age now has a Facebook page. The idea is to improve cross communication between our members and other persons and organizations that have our similar and common interests. So become a friend of the Los Angeles Police Emerald Society and spread the spirit. Thanks to members Rebecca Holzer and Mike Murphy for getting our face on facebook! Also dont forget to check our website: where you can find a calendar of events and a beautiful blog page maintained by members Liz Donovan and Don Kelly! Thanks to both!

Item 3. Recently, I stopped by the Irish Import Shop at 742 N. Vine St in Los Angeles and spoke with fellow Emerald Society member and owner of the shop, Ann Colburn. The new shop is beautiful and Ann has a host of items that will help us celebrate Christmas in the Irish way...Of particular interest were the traditional Christmas cakes (yes, Guinness makes one) and pies and other delicious treats and there is even imported Irish peat or incense to fill the home with the fragrance of the "Auld Sod" aka Ireland. The shop is filled with wonderful items that would make great Christmas presents and, as a reminder, let Ann know you are an Emerald Society member and you receive a 10% discount!

Item 4. National Conference of Law Enforcement Emerald Societies to hold the National Fall Conference 2010 in San Diego during the first weekend of November! This is wonderful news as it will give the maximum number of our members to participate in a Fall Conference where you will get a chance to participate with other members from around the country and London to share the camaraderie of our heritage and profession. There will be more information forthcoming but this is big news and we want to plan early so as many of us can attend as possible. Your Board will be in contact with our San Diego brothers and sisters and looking to help....If you were there for the last Fall Conference you know what a great time it was...Nuff said.

Item 5. The 2010 meeting schedule will be forthcoming. There will be some exciting new changes of venue and alternate days that avoid the Dodger game traffic!

That's all for now!

Stay Safe and Be Well!
Steve Saletros
Los Angeles Police Emerald Society