Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meeting Reminder and Latest Information

Dear Members,

This is coming to you at this late time as changes (especially the weather) have been occurring up to the minute.

Arrangements were made for parking and seating at the new Police Memorial ceremony/tribute with a post ceremony meeting location. However, Pipe Major Scott Walton and I agreed that, with the heavy rain and a desire for maximum attendance...the meeting would be held at our usual location an time..1900 Hrs at the Los Angeles Police Academy.

For those members who would like to attend the Police Memorial ceremony at the new Police Headquarters at 100 West 1st St. Here are the details. The Band will be assembling at 1730 Hrs at 260 S. Main St. where parking will be available at the new Police building for the first 100 vehs. Get there early if you would like to park there. The best way to participate will be to follow the band as support, unless you are in the band throughout the event. The event will continue with the Band playing for the procession until sometime after 1900 Hrs....After the ceremony is over sometime between 1900-1930 Hrs all members are encouraged to come to our general monthly meeting. Hope to see you all at the meeting!

If there are any questions please contact me.

Steve Saletros


Los Angeles Police Emerald Society

P.S. Please remember to bring your pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald House to our October or November meeting...!