Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Call for Volunteers

Thanks to the efforts of fellow Emerald Brother Ron Cody and with the concurrence of Pipe Major Scott Walton and the entire Emerald Society Board, the Los Angeles Police Emerald Society will be at the Scottish Festival at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa on May 24th and 25th.

Our Los Angeles Police Emerald Society Pipe and Drum Band will be at the Festival to participate and play. There will be many Pipe and Drum Bands there at the festival but it is historic that we , as an Irish and Police Band, will be there! This is part of the cross promotion within the Celtic community that we hope will strengthen all the participating parties ,showing a united Celtic front and cultural community.

In addition to having our Pipe and Drum Band play at the festival, we have arranged to have a beer booth at the festival. Our Emerald Society will receive a portion of the sales that we earn at the beer booth. We need volunteers to commit to tending the beer booth. I expect that this will be a really fun assignment at a really fun place filled with fun people and events....and the funds we earn at this event can be used for the many worthwhile causes we are involved in whether it be scholarship, National Police Memorial, preservation of our culture, or the other myriad of good and cultural works we are involved in all year long.

So we need volunteers! The Band will be busy playing and attracting the crowd...what we need are beer servers to sell to the thirsty crowd ! The fact that we are an Irish police group should make us unique and we will appeal to the family crowd for support on those points., and any others you can think of.

For those who volunteer at the booth, free training will be provided by California State Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC) at the Orange County Fair Grounds on May 3rd. We can also have an ABC agent come to us to provide training at the Academy 1 hour prior to our next meeting on May 7...At the completion of the training you will receive a certificate which will allow you to serve alcohol, good for 3 years...so this might benefit you or other organizations that you might serve. Its a win win win situation so please consider volunteering, bring a friend, and get ready to do a good thing while having a good time...Please contact me vial email or phone to sign up for a volunteer list. More details to follow! Thanks and all the best to my Emerald Brothers and Sisters!

Stephen Saletros